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UW def. WSU – Not entirely happy about that, even though I am usally a Husky fan – I wanted another PAC-10 team in the BCS.
USC def. UCLA – A good result
Oklahoma Rolls – For some reasons I don’t have a problem with this like I do with Miami when they’re #1
Utah def. BYU – 3-0 score. How ridiculous is that? Coach Crowton sure took a nice franchise and ran it into the ground pretty well after a strong first year. This game breaks a 28-year home non-shutout streak.

Slept in Way late – 1:00. Flew plane, broke it again. Went shopping for cell phones – after hours, and a trip to Costco, ended up getting Cingular family plan with four phones from this dude (hopefully Ben doesn’t read my blog often, its a surprise for him) with a national plan. Cingular has good national coverage (though not the best), good rates (though not the best), rollover (the best), and we are told, the best coverage in Washington, although we will find out how true that is tomorrow when the phones come online. I’m getting a data cable so I can use my phone as a modem, using just plan minutes (I’ll use the night and weekends for this) to update this blog while I’m on the road.

So I’m set for my road trip. And Florida had better be on the itenerary.

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