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These days, my body is betraying me¬†more frequently. A couple hours into frisbee practice today, my left calf¬†started cramping, and it has continued to plague me for at least half an hour. I’m now sitting in my car outside of trader joes trying to work up the courage to put up with the pain that will ensue as I limp in to buy bananas and pickles, which I don’t even like. Needless to say, I’ve had better days.

Two takeaways: drink more water in general, and especially at these 90-degree practices, and eat more bananas. I don’t think I’ll develop a pickle habit anytime soon.

4 Responses to “Megacramp”

  1. Shai Says:

    So the obvious question: Why buy pickles if you don’t like them?

  2. Ryan Says:

    Definitely a pulled muscle :-/

  3. Jim Says:

    Years ago I went on a hike with the Seattle Mountaineers — which was more grueling than I was in shape for at the time. I started developing cramps in the leg muscles — and some on the hike said that the cure was salt. So I ate some salt tablets and the cramps did indeed settle down and go away.

    But, I was super sore for a few days after that hike.


  4. Adam Says:

    I know that I’m a bit late, but I really like pickles.

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