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Possible Group C World Cup Outcomes

The two ties in group C today makes the group’s final two games very interesting. The good news is that the US controls its own destiny — a win against Algeria guarantees entry into the next round. However, there is a lot that can still happen, even with a US tie:

US England Points Final group rankings
win win 5 5 4 1 US tie England, Slovenia, Algeria
win lose 5 2 7 1 Slovenia, US, England, Algeria
win tie 5 3 5 1 US tie Slovenia, England, Algeria
lose win 2 5 4 4 England, Slovenia tie Algeria, US
lose lose 2 2 7 4 Slovenia, Algeria, US tie England
lose tie 2 3 5 4 Slovenia, Algeria, England, US
tie win 3 5 4 2 England, Slovenia, US, Algeria
tie lose 3 2 7 2 Slovenia, US, England tie Algeria
tie tie 3 3 5 2 Slovenia, US tie England, Algeria

3 Responses to “Possible Group C World Cup Outcomes”

  1. Ryan McElroy Says:

    Wikipedia has an even better table:

  2. Ben Says:

    That’s the first time I’ve ever seen a ball striking a players face getting a yellow card – and to the struck player. No comment on the disallowed goal because there was a lot of pushing and shoving happening on that last goal (although it seems Bradley was the worst fouled and the penalty should have been in the US favor). I’m not sure what to think of that referee.

  3. Ryan Says:

    Refereeing is hard. I think maybe the ref is getting too much flack, except that, from what I’ve heard, he can’t seem to explain what he thought happened either, so it’s hard to give him the benefit of the doubt in that situation. Nevertheless, England tied, so the US can still determine it’s own fate.

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