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My Friday

Friday was last day of work at two jobs. At Polaris, I arrived significantly early for the first time ever, walking in at 6:45. Maura, my replacement (I’m sorry for her already), was late for the first time in a long time. The result was that I had a chance to eat an eggs benedict graciously made by our morning sous chef, Jennifer. Maura arrived, and I began showing her what I did – the whole morning routine, the things Michael tends to look for, my general philosophy about how to please boss and coworkers, and so on. The day was pretty busy during lunch, but with Maura and Patrick (hosting, but also a part time SA) there, I got to slack off pretty well. After a good family meal, Joey made me a burger to cap the day off. I then went to the office and then home, then to blockbuster from 5-9. I was on till the entire time, so it went quickly. During my 15 minute break, I went to Target, browsed, and found that Linkin Park had released another album, Live in Texas. I then went home and revelled in the feeling of freedom while contemplating the feeling of insecurity that comes with being unemployeed, while watching the DVD of Linkin Park live in Texas (quite good), and working on replacing the wing on my plane.

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