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Note To Self:

If I ever want to recieve gifts at a party in my honor I should actually have the party at the date, time, and place I specify.

This seemingly simple addage played out today as I attempted to attend Leah’s wedding reception. Note the word attempted, because after I showed up at 8:00 for the 7:00-9:00 event at the announced time and the proper venue (which I double and triple checked when things didn’t seem right), it turns out that there was no reception going on. Nobody even at the house.

Maybe, joked my mom when I told her, she called it off. But, I think it would have been in order to tell the people she invited about the change in plans… especially since the original invitation was an email. It wouldn’t have been tme consuming, hard, or expensive. Maybe it was a bit cruel, but I sent in response to the email invitation this little blurb:

Awesome reception, had a great time……


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