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A List Apart: the Right DOCTYPE!

I am not much of a bookmark man. While I do extensively use my bookmark bar, which currently has, Gmail, Yahoo! Mail,, Bernie Zimmermann’s site, my blog, and a Press It, a quick way to blog about a site (which I used to start this post, in fact), up until today, these were the only bookmarks I had. I have had several bookmarks in previous Firefoxes/Firebirds/Phoenixes, but an occasional bug wiped them out, and I didn’t miss them much, so I never really rebuilt them either. When I want to go to a site, I usually just remember the URL (or get autocomplete to help me), or I Google for it… But today I came across something which was worth bookmarking.

Sure, all it is, is a list of DOCTYPES. But oh, how useful. After all, it is a list apart. Fix Your Site With the Right DOCTYPE!: A List Apart. So yeah, maybe Firefox will let me keep this one too.

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  1. Bernie Zimmermann Says:

    Every time I start working on a new site I end up digging around the Web for the right DOCTYPE (typically XHTML 1.0 Strict), so I should probably bookmark that page too.

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