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Road Trip – Day 11

Today was a rest from driving day. We had a lazy morning while Jeana took a final, then we went on a hike of Squaw Peak, overlooking the entire Phoenix area. After that we returned to GCU and played some Frisbee and had Mac and Cheese for lunch. It burned a little bit, but it still tsted alright. Next, we refilled waters and washed dishes, then Jeana went off to work at the Suns game while Scott and I went to Scottsdale to see art galleries and get postcards. We got the postcards and saw lots of interesting art. We also met a photogrpaher whom we talked to for a good half hour about all sorts of things – from Ansel Adams and large format photography to modern digital techniques and everything in between. We returned to GCU and had dinner, then Jeana got back and we hung out for a while until she needed to go to bed, so we said out goodbyes since we are planning on leaving early tomorrow for L.A. and now we are getting ready to sleep.

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