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Ryan Will Survive; The NBA Might Not

A grand thank you to all my well-wishers on the last post. The update is that there is no rash developing — for which I am very grateful. The penicillin seems to have done its thing to the strep throat (Today I can swallow without pain for the first time since Saturday!) Don’t worry, I understand the need to continue the antibiotic regimen until its all gone; I will do so faithfully.

Things seem to have proceeded now to just cough (much more outwardly apparent, but also much easier to deal with than a sore throat; for me at least). I love being able to drink the proper amount of liquids without feeling the need to slam my hand into the wall with each gulp. Very refreshing!

In other news, I did defy the doctor today by skipping out on my Bioengineering “Design” class where some lady came to talk about avocados and their uses for sex (for serious), in order to go and ostensibly “watch” my utlimate frisbee team play. Of course, I had packed my cleats and I was wearing shorts under my pants, so I ended up playing some too. We lost; it was not our best effort or our best game by any means.

On a similar vein, the Sun’s playoff run ended tonight to the ghastly-to-watch San Antonio Spurs. Jazz-Spurs? Yawn. Probably the most boring western conference series possible. The NBA just lost out big time. Maybe they should change the rules so that Bruce Bowen’s hundreds of stealth hacks don’t go unpenalized. Just a thought for restoring balance to the game.

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