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Sharpe’s Siege

Last night at about 2:30 am, I finished reading Sharpe’s Siege, an historical fiction novel by Bernard Cornwell. My dad loaned me the book a while back and I slowly read through it. It is not a long novel, but it is enjoyable, and I’d suggest it to anyone interested in the Napoleanic Wars or just some fun reading.

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  1. Daniel Marsh Says:

    Lobsters, bah! You need some naval books! If you liked the Sharpe’s series, I recommend the Horatio Hornblower series by C.S. Forester and the Aubrey/Maturin series from Patrick O’Brian. Both series take place during the Napoleonic era and you may even be able to tell port from starboard by the end O’Brian’s series is 22 books long and well worth the read. A mashup of themes from a couple of the books formed the basis for the recent film Master & Commander.

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