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Six Times a Week

The last two weeks, I have had the chance to play Ultimate six times a week: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday with a group near my work during lunch, Tuesday and Saturday with the Robinswood Park crew, and Thursdays with a UW intramural team. This has not come without a toll. Six days ago, Monday last week, I tweaked out a muscle and ended up hobbling around during Frisbee Tuesday evening. I skipped Wednesday at work, and then was feeling better after some well-advised streching that Jeana suggested. However, on Thursday at the UW, I felt the tweak coming back, but kept moving and faught it off successfully. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough and we lost by a point. Friday, I came down hard from attempting to catch a disc and landed on my right heel, bruising it. I was able to finish out the game, but it was sore and it got worse later in the day. Saturday, it was feeling better – I couldn’t run full tilt, but I hobbled around very well, considering. It is now feeling quite better, and I look forward to another game Monday at noon.

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