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Sunday the 31st

A good day overall – I woke up earlier than I had all week, went to a productive TRC leadership meeting from about 9:50-11:50 (it started at 9:30 and was supposed to end at 11:30, so I don’t feel bad about being late), hit up the Libertarian Barbecue at Magnolia Park in West Seattle (I got to eat good food, talk to good people (Jeff Jared is an amazing man!), and saw Scott and Travis (LPKC Chair and Vice-Chair) again. After this, I went to church, where I made it in time for the 5th-Sunday-of-the-Month joint Priesthood & Relief Society meeting, where the estimable Scott Bowen talked about morality, drawing heavily on what seems to have become the general conference talk most frequently used among all lessons of recent times – Jefferey R. Holland’s Of Souls, Symbols, and Sacraments. After this, I returned home where my mother had cooked a delightful meal of teriyaki chicken and rice. Since my brother was in town, we took some family pictures – and then headed to the airport to drop him off – he was here far too short, it seems. Once back, I chatted it up, and then, as I am now, headed to bed. A good day indeed!

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