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Theoretical Chemistry

Christine Isborn is a theoretical chemist that I recently worked with to create a web site. I think it came out pretty well. Go check it out!

Full disclosure: Christine is my girlfriend!

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  1. Hannah Safford Says:

    Hi Ryan,

    I know that this is a somewhat unorthodox way to get in touch with you, but I didn’t see any other contact information posted on your blog.

    I work with Urban Research at the USDA Forest Service. We’re currently in the process of creating several short “briefing papers” on various topics related to urban forestry (i.e. environmental justice, sustainability, stormwater treatment, etc.). When I was searching for images to help illustrate our “Urban Wildlife” briefing paper on Google, I came across your incredible photo of a great blue heron overlooking the city (published here: Would you consider granting us permission to use this photo for the briefing paper? It will be published on the USDA Forest Service website and will be distributed widely to cities/agencies/organizations interested in our work. If you’re willing to grant us permission, please contact me so that I can send you the permission slip we need to you sign.

    Thanks so much!
    -Hannah Safford
    USDA Forest Service

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