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Two New Plans

The last plan didn’t work very well, but I’m not giving up on this whole plan thing. The new plan is to read every night once in bed instead of bringing the laptop with me. With properly selected texts (a Electricity and Magentism physics book, in this case), I shoul dbe able to learn something and fall alseep quickly. It will also get me reading again, since I recently noticed that I haven’t read anything significant in quite a while.

The second plan is to take the proper courses at BCC to get an Associate of Science degree, which I hope will improve my chances with the UW in the future. Regardless, its officially half way to a Baccalaurette degree pretty much. I’ve signed up for Intro to Linear Algebra as an evening course right now, and will hopefully add to it some classes that will quickly get me an Associates after I tranfer my BYU credits and get some advising. So, the next step is advisement.

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