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Friday, November 07, 2003
  The WET-11 Lives!
Based on a suggestion by Dan of Carputer fame, I decided not to give up on the WET-11 just yet. I brought it back out, made sure everythine was plugged in nice and tightly, downloaded the updated setup utility, made myself a smoothie, and low and behold, the WET-11 rose from the ashes and seems to be working fine again. Now all I have to do is get it to associate with one of the impossibly far-away wireless APs while ignoreing the spetacularly close WRG-54 broadcasting my dialup currently. And right now its a little cold for me to be hanging out the window trying to find fleeting wireless signals without a strong desire to play counterstrike. 
Thursday, November 06, 2003
  I've been slacking off
I can't believe I haven't posted in three days. But I guess there's not much to really catch up on. The Issy School Board guy I voted for lost (by less than a percent). I had a really long talk with Michael on Wednesday, about an hour long, that started on the topic of my request off forms and covered the road trip, his paln to retire at 45, my work ethic, how he is doing as a manager, his philosophy on management, my feelings on his perpertual fakeness,suking up to his boss, etc. It was quite candid, from me at least, and at the time it felt fairly candid from him, but he has a way of making it feel that way and having it turn sour after you think back on it. Which really was the whole "fake" thing I tried to tell him about, but he didn't really seem to get.

Today in review
Today at the resturant was the busiest day we've had in a long time. We had three dining room servers and two bartenders and most people were kept busy after about 1:00 - so it was a late hit. Although I have been slacking off whenits slow, I can till kick into gear when things get busy and I think I did pretty good today if I could say so myself. The TRC meeting was disappointing in that we learned that incentives over $10 can't be offered because of out status as a public entity. And no one has raised any money (including myself). I dropped off Nemo, went home, and then headed to Redmond blockbuster. It turns out I was a day late (in addition to 20 minutes late after the drive took 50 minutes instead of the 30 I had allotted). The schedule had changed, and I had not been informed, so I ended up studying with the managers of the various stores. It was a good time, but I will probally still be leaving soon...

Road Trip
Scott still wants to go on the road trip, but plans and bugets are needed. We're working on plans this weekend. I had this feeling of imminent failure, similar to one I had at the TRC meeting today after hearing about the sad state of fundraising affaris. It would be considerably easier to to maintain my jobs, work when they want me to, just put away more money, etc. But I want to live a little, to have done something with my life now that I can look back on and appreciate.

Suffering Writing Style
I'm sorry that this isn't a well-written piece of work, but it is very stream of conscience, so you know you're getting the real deal at least. 
Monday, November 03, 2003
  Back to dialup
Well, the WET-11 seems to be half-fried - it doesn't respond to anything, although the power and LAN lights come on. So at home, I'm back to dialup which, I suppose, is good enough for most things that aren't Counter-Strike or aggravation-free web browsing, and being useful on the internet, and...

I voted today, pouring over the election guides with the parents. Only a few races were hard to choose, and in those, it was because both candidates seemed like good choices. I actaully called up one of the candidates for the Issaquah School Baord and talked to him about the Issaquah Education Association and FIRST. He got my vote.

  How cool is this
I'm sitting here in the Bellevue Regional Library of the King County Library System getting a broadband internet connection on my laptop. Pretty cool!

I didn't end up going to church yesterday, just never got around to it. The last mount for the antenna took a plunge yesterday as well, and I'm still working on figuring out a replacement that won't destroy itself. Wood is looking like a good option. I was ridiculously tired last night, fell asleep five or six times before 9:00. Slept for good after 10:00. It was nice.

Bloody Monday
I just donated blood at the Puget Sound Blood Center here in Bellevue. Today, it was a cool, quite attractive girl asking all the questions: "Have you had sex, even once, with anyone who has lived in Africa since 1977?" No. "Have you had sex, even once, with anyone who has used needles to inject drugs not prescribed by a doctor since 1977?" No.... If only they'd just ask "Have you had sex, even once?" and get it all over with. 
Sunday, November 02, 2003
I have a bit of a problem - my fastest processor is on Mobius, my laptop, but its harddrive isn't high performance. my desktop, oasis, has tons of pretty fast storage, but it also has a slow processor. The only solution i can see is an upgrade. Too bad that costs money. 
  Better than expected
I just finished watching the movie Holes - it was excellent. It reminded me of O Brother, Where art Thou in the offbeat but captivating way in which the story was told. If I were the academy, it would be a defninitive contender for best picture, along with Pirates of the Carribean. Perhaps thats why I'm not the academy.
In addition to the excellent movie, the computer I got from Amy's dad is a 500 Mhz box, with 128 mb of ram. FreeBSD is already installed, but the NIC is crap so I have to replace that. Then I can get to work setting it up to replace and expand
Today was a huge day for college football - The Virginia Tech Hokies wasted the Miami Hurricane - I am usually happy to see any upset (except for UW and BYU), but seeing Miami lose is especially sweet. I grew a distate for them suring the 2001 season when their recievers would spin the ball in the endzone after a touchdown reception. It was so arrogant. I still think Oregon would have laid them low had Harrington & Co had a shot at it. But BCS is crap and we'll never know.
A Man Apart was good.
Finally, I want to figure out how to convert a DVD chapter into raw video - uncompressed so editing of it is extremely easy. This is for the TRC video Tim and I hope to make. Of course, maybe Tim knows. Hm. Powered by Blogger