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Bellevue Botanical Beauty

The lights at the Bellevue Botanical Gardens, called “Garden D’Lights” are incredible this year. With the help of my new Canon A610 digital camera and my Dad’s tripod, I attempt to share some of the beauty with you. Its certainly worth a visit if you haven’t been yet.

Garden D'Lights
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Absolutely Amazing

Microsoft has just upped the ante again in what has, for me, become the most interesting battle between Google and Microsoft yet: displaying ariel photography. This time, Microsoft’s Windows Live Local provides “Birds Eye” views of (from what I have seen so far) much of King County, and perhaps other places as well. The Bird’s Eye views differ from regular ariel photography in that they are much higher resolution, and intentionally at an angle — so a North-facing view is significiantly different than a south-facing view. The images produced are truly incredible:

Red Square (Univeristy of Washington)

Where I will be in about 30 minutes (Chem Library, UW)

More later, class calls.

Harvey Danger — Little by Little

Harvey Danger’s latest album, Little by Little is excellent — and its free! Go get it now, and listen to the first song. If you don’t like it, you’re weird. :-D

Wine, women and song: I tried them all
it did not take me long to figure I’d unlock the door to happiness
I figured wrong (with a capital R)
All the baggage I brought wouldn’t fit in a mid-size car

Lincoln Square Infiltration

The crew at Chipotle before the infiltration
The crew at Chipotle before the infiltration
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I finally got around to seeing Serenity last night. I liked it a lot — definitely one of the best movies I’ve seen in a while. I’m glad I saw the series before seeing the film, but I think its a good show even if you haven’t.

Serenity certainly deserves more than it has gotten in the box office, though I’m sure DVD sales will be strong. Certainly I will buy one, and I may even see it again in theaters. Highly Recommended by Checksum Arcanius. Update: 4.0/5

Analysis (Warning: Spoilers Follow)
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Better Task Management

If the task manager that comes with windows just isn’t cutting it, or if you are just someone who wants more information and control over your Windows-running computer, then SysInternal‘s Process Explorer is for you.

SysInternals Process Explorer
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Backing Up

I decided that I probably really should start backing up my documents on a semi-regular basis. Although I’ve had extraordinary luck with hard drives, I don’t expect any hard drive to last indefinitely, and I’d rather be safe than sorry. I decided to begin with my Documents and Settings folder on my laptop. I first tried backing up using 7zip, my preferred compression program. However, it immediately ran into errors with special Windows files inside of that directory. Not wanting to make a laborious process out of a simple backup, I turned to google, and found this little gem: Windows XP Backup Made Easy. And as the title suggests, the Windows XP backup utility actaully does make backing up easy. Now my entire Documents and Settings folder contents are safe. For now.

Here’s a capture of the backup in action:

Backing up in Windows XP

Next up is backing up the content of on a regular basis…