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Winter 2006 Schedule — Final?

   Monday       Tuesday    Wednesday   Thursday       Friday    
 8:30  BIOEN 201 A
PAA A114
 9:30    CSE 370 AA
MUS 216
  BIOL 220 AI
HCK 146
 11:30  CSE 370 A
EE1 037
CSE 370 A
EE1 037
CSE 370 A
EE1 037
 12:30  BIOL 220 A
BAG 131
BIOL 220 A
BAG 131
BIOL 220 A
BAG 131
BIOL 220 A
BAG 131
 2:30  CHEM 238 A
KNE 120
  CHEM 238 A
KNE 120
SAV 245
CHEM 238 A
KNE 120
 4:30    BIOEN 201 AE
WIL 070
 6:00 p         
 6:30 p         
 7:00 p         

Accepted Part I

Hi Ryan,

We’re going to give you a shot in CSE 370 this winter. Please let me know once you have cleared your schedule and I’ll add you to the course.


Context. I think.

Bellevue Botanical Beauty

The lights at the Bellevue Botanical Gardens, called “Garden D’Lights” are incredible this year. With the help of my new Canon A610 digital camera and my Dad’s tripod, I attempt to share some of the beauty with you. Its certainly worth a visit if you haven’t been yet.

Garden D'Lights
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Biocomputer Engineering, here I come!

Course Course Title Credits Grade Grade Points
CHEM E 260 THERMODYNAMICS 4.0 4.0 16.00
CSE 143 COMPUTER PRGRMNG II 5.0 4.0 20.00
MATH 324 ADV MULTIVAR CALC 1 3.0 3.3 9.90
T C 333 ADV TEC WRIT & ORAL 4.0 4.0 16.00


In Portland

I am in Portland on a business trip. I am staying in the downtown, which reminds me a lot of the FIRST Robotics Competition, because this is where the Pacfic Northwest Regional is held. Go TRC!

And oh yeah, I’ve been up since four-fricken-thirty AM, and that was after three hours of sleep. Goodnight!

10 of 228

It is either my new Borg name or my class ranking in CSE 143. So then the question becomes, is 10 of 228 enough to garner the proverbial A? (4.0 at UW)?

According to Ananth, grades only appear after the 100th time you check them — and its looking like it’s going to be a long wait!

A Full Day


5:00am — Woke up after restless sleep. Fifteen minutes before the alarm. No idea why.
6:07am — Left for work after breakfast.
6:30am — Arrived at work, claiming the very best parking spot all to myself.
10:00am — Hour-and-a-half all-hands meeting led by company president.
11:50am — Meeting ends.
12:00pm — Ultimate frisbee with Emulex crew on frozen outfield grass.
1:08pm — Return to work, reclaiming best parking spot!
1:10pm — One hour meeting discussing test results begins.
3:30pm — Meeting ends. (!!!)
3:38pm — Shower, dress.
3:45pm — Left work for an interview with the AirFire team.
4:30pm — Arive at AirFire lab, begin interview.
5:00pm — Leave AirFire, try to find someone willing to go to company party with me.
5:20pm — Maria agrees to go, but she’s Eastside.
6:00pm — Pick Maria up.
6:45pm — Arrive Teatno Zazanni.
6:50pm — Bribe a coworker with four drink coupons to sit at a better seat.
7:00pm — The show begins! The food and entertainment is wonderful!
10:00pm — The show is over. I am satiated. Maria has a long day tomorrow, so we head back.
10:30pm — Drop Maria off.
10:45pm — Arrive home, very tired, with headache (from lack of hydration after frisbee!)
11:45pm — After drifting off on the couch several times, manage to get myself to bed.