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a Two-Year Plan

UPDATE: This morning I talked to Crystal, the lead CSE academic advisor, and she pointed out that I had CSE 451 twice, and that 461 is better during the winter (when it is taught by CSE instead of EE). The question then becomes, what do I fill that 4-credit void in Autumn ’07 with? Perhaps, if I am feeling particularly masochistic, I will take Chem 239 (Organic Chemistry III!)?

Summer 2006 (4)
CSE 326 (4)

Autumn 2006 (15)
BioE 302 (4)
BioE 304 (4)
CSE 378 (4)
CSE 322 (3)

Winter 2007 (17)
BioE 303 (4)
BioE 305 (4)
EE 233 (5)
CSE 461 (4)

Spring 2007 (16)
BioE 357 (4)
BioE 481 (4)
CSE 451 (4)
CSE 466 (4)

Autumn 2007 (16 12)
BioC 405 (3)
CSE 467 (4)
CSE 451 (4)
EE 331 (5)

Winter 2008 (16)
BioE 482 (4)
EE 332 (5)
BioE 470 (4)
BioE 490 (3)

Spring 2008 (17)
BioE 482 (4)
BioE 455 (4)
BioE 457 (4)
CSE 477 (5)


Purse Snatchers

While walking a Bioengineering classmate Christine home tonight after a night full of solving homework problems, we saw ahead of us some sort of strange tussle between a couple of girls. Since we were on greek row, I wasn’t sure quite what to think — was it some sort of catfight over something trivial? I think I even asked “Is this for real?” Well, it turns out it was for real — right before we got to where the problem was happening, one of the grls threw the purse that she was trying to steal into the bushes and ran off while the other girl, quite distressed, went to retrieve it.

We made sure that the girl was ok and had everything — both purse and person were ok, thankfully — but in hindsight, I sure wish I had gone after the purse-snatcher. Not only would it have made a much better story, but I also would have had the chance to fight some crime for real. Oh well, there is always next time.


A hard drive in oasis, the computer that runs, is whining. In other news, I use 54% of my hard drives:

Filesystem             Size   Used  Avail Use%
/dev/hda2               12G   6.1G   5.2G  54%
/dev/hdb1               31G    16G    14G  54%
/dev/hdc1               99G    50G    44G  54%

Three hard drives for three purposes, three different sizes…. all the same usage… how weird is that?

Autumn 2006 Schedule

In what was, by far, the easiest registration session I have ever had, I typed in the four classes I wanted, hit “find schedule,” found the first option to be the best, and hit register. Unlike many experiences before, now that I’m actually a declared Bioengineering and Computer Engineering major, everythign worked right the first time. So, without further ado, let the death march begin :-)

   Monday       Tuesday    Wednesday   Thursday       Friday    
 9:30  BIOEN 304 A
AND 010
  BIOEN 304 A
AND 010
CSE 378 AA
FSH 102
AND 010
 10:30  BIOEN 302 A
MGH 231
  BIOEN 302 A
MGH 231
  BIOEN 302 A
MGH 231
 1:30  CSE 322 A
MGH 231
  CSE 322 A
MGH 231
  CSE 322 A
MGH 231
 2:30  CSE 378 A
EEB 045
  CSE 378 A
EEB 045
  CSE 378 A
EEB 045
 3:30  BIOEN 304 AA
  BIOEN 302 AA
 6:00 p       

Many Things

A lot has happened since my last real post — not only because my life has been considerably busier than usual, but also because I haven’t made a significant post in quite a while. So, I’m sure to forget something, but here is a synopsis:

– Went on a hike up Mt Teneriffe, near Mt Si, with Dave, Larry, and Tim. Dave, Tim and I summitted (see photos here)
– Took Statistics Midterm
– Went to Atlanta for the 2006 FIRST Robotics Competition Championship (Wednesday-Sunday two weeks ago)
– Talked to police officers while in Atlanta over a misunderstanding about patio usage at a hotel (we happened to be on the patio when someone threw something off, and we apparently got blamed)
– Left Atlanta with no awards, but got to watch some really exciting elimination matches on the Newton field
– Took two midterms my first full day back from Atlanta
– Crashed into a car on my way to work (Monday, one week ago)
– Paid the guy I crashed into for damages
… Guy I crashed into gave me his car (Now we are friends)
– Now I drive that car around
… It has nice cold air conditioning, a radio, and no rear window (my fault) or seats (taken out to carry more stuff by previous owner)
– Got statistics midterm back — 50% (WTF?!)
– Got Bioengineering midterm back — 87%
– Got ML programming assignment back — 20/30 — FACK
– Got ML midterm back — 65/75 — thats about right
– Took Discrete Structures midterm — felt good
– Hiked Rattlesnake Ridge, the long way, with Nick from work
– Won a couple of frisbee games

NBA Playoffs 2006

Who I want to see: Cavs versus Suns (Suns in 7)
Who I will see: Pistons versus Spurs (Spurs in 6)

Sure, the games will still be exciting, but I really can’t wait until LeBron has a supporting cast worthy of a King.