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Becoming a Photographer Again

It has been a good long since I took a trip just for photography. Today, that changed. After school, I took a stroll in the beautiful weather to Greenlake — about a mile away — and took some pictures of the scenery and wildlife in the brilliant afternoon sun. The last few days have also been photographically fruitful — as evidenced by the Heron pictures last week and a few more that I will share here. Finally, last night, I purchased some long-overdue accessories: UV filters for my 75-300 zoom and my new 10-22 zoom, and a new bag that can fit everything at once in a nice compartmentalized way. Finally, I picked up my first circular polarizer and have been pleased. It is nice to get back into the mode of thinking in pictures.

SR-520 and Bellevue

Duck Friends

Mallard Close-Up

Gull in Flight

3 Responses to “Becoming a Photographer Again”

  1. Stickman Says:

    Oh, man. Wasn’t that sun awesome!

    I was out in it for like, five minutes. I think I got burnt.

    Nice pictures.

  2. dc Says:

    the 520/Bellevue shot looks awesome, but I think my favorite out of this posted set is the seagull shot – nice.

  3. Daniel Marsh Says:

    I like eating sand (in best Ralph Wiggum voice)!

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