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Permalinks… Check

I just set up a permalink structure so that even after I stop using wordpress to post everyday (if that ever happens), there will be a uniform way to address my old WordPress posts – using wp-pl.php instead of index.php. Check it out by clicking on the title of any post today!

How sweet it is…

…to get stuff back that you ne’er expected to see again.

Six Gmail Invites

Logging on to Gmail just moments ago, I saw the following:

Invite 6 friends
to Gmail

I believe one of them is already promised away, unless that person has found another outlet, but that leaves five sort of up for grabs. The bidding starts at…

At least this didn’t happen to me…

If you thought the Leah wedding reception thing was bad, you probabally should stay away from this, because its many times worse. But if you like reading about people’s suffering, or just want to put a problem in your life into perspective, read … and now I just feel terrible.

When the joke that we call our law can’t protect the good people in this world, what do the good people do?

Note To Self:

If I ever want to recieve gifts at a party in my honor I should actually have the party at the date, time, and place I specify.

This seemingly simple addage played out today as I attempted to attend Leah’s wedding reception. Note the word attempted, because after I showed up at 8:00 for the 7:00-9:00 event at the announced time and the proper venue (which I double and triple checked when things didn’t seem right), it turns out that there was no reception going on. Nobody even at the house.

Maybe, joked my mom when I told her, she called it off. But, I think it would have been in order to tell the people she invited about the change in plans… especially since the original invitation was an email. It wouldn’t have been tme consuming, hard, or expensive. Maybe it was a bit cruel, but I sent in response to the email invitation this little blurb:

Awesome reception, had a great time……


A List Apart: the Right DOCTYPE!

I am not much of a bookmark man. While I do extensively use my bookmark bar, which currently has, Gmail, Yahoo! Mail,, Bernie Zimmermann’s site, my blog, and a Press It, a quick way to blog about a site (which I used to start this post, in fact), up until today, these were the only bookmarks I had. I have had several bookmarks in previous Firefoxes/Firebirds/Phoenixes, but an occasional bug wiped them out, and I didn’t miss them much, so I never really rebuilt them either. When I want to go to a site, I usually just remember the URL (or get autocomplete to help me), or I Google for it… But today I came across something which was worth bookmarking.

Sure, all it is, is a list of DOCTYPES. But oh, how useful. After all, it is a list apart. Fix Your Site With the Right DOCTYPE!: A List Apart. So yeah, maybe Firefox will let me keep this one too.


For the first time in a long time it seems, I saw a little bit of chemistry between me and a girl I met at Costco. Today is the second time I saw her, and we got to talking, and I ended up with her phone number. So we’ll see how things go from here.

In other news, I spent a few hours playing Counterstrike tonight – doing ridiculously well in one round, and decent in the other two. Not the best Friday night ever, but tomorrow there’s ultimate and a TRC hack session, and Leah’s wedding reception (oh yeah, I got some gifts for her and her lucky guy), so it should be a good day.

And now… off to the physics book!