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Double-O-Seven (0:07)

Ok, I just noticed something really wierd. All my posts on the main page say they were make 7 minutes after the top of the hour. Then every post made in June says it was 6 minutes after the hour… and May is five minutes… so, um, yeah. When did that happen?


With some timely help from the great and humble Theo, I was able to quickly track down the problem in my options. Somehow, I ended up with months for minutes and didn’t realize it. I haven’t changed those options, that I remember, for quite some time, so I must have really missed something or recently screwed it up without realizing it.

But now the mystery is solved. Thanks for tuning in.

For a while there, I guess everyone just believed that I was a crazy-consistent blogger of some sort. Ha.

Sunday the 31st

A good day overall – I woke up earlier than I had all week, went to a productive TRC leadership meeting from about 9:50-11:50 (it started at 9:30 and was supposed to end at 11:30, so I don’t feel bad about being late), hit up the Libertarian Barbecue at Magnolia Park in West Seattle (I got to eat good food, talk to good people (Jeff Jared is an amazing man!), and saw Scott and Travis (LPKC Chair and Vice-Chair) again. After this, I went to church, where I made it in time for the 5th-Sunday-of-the-Month joint Priesthood & Relief Society meeting, where the estimable Scott Bowen talked about morality, drawing heavily on what seems to have become the general conference talk most frequently used among all lessons of recent times – Jefferey R. Holland’s Of Souls, Symbols, and Sacraments. After this, I returned home where my mother had cooked a delightful meal of teriyaki chicken and rice. Since my brother was in town, we took some family pictures – and then headed to the airport to drop him off – he was here far too short, it seems. Once back, I chatted it up, and then, as I am now, headed to bed. A good day indeed!

Six Times a Week

The last two weeks, I have had the chance to play Ultimate six times a week: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday with a group near my work during lunch, Tuesday and Saturday with the Robinswood Park crew, and Thursdays with a UW intramural team. This has not come without a toll. Six days ago, Monday last week, I tweaked out a muscle and ended up hobbling around during Frisbee Tuesday evening. I skipped Wednesday at work, and then was feeling better after some well-advised streching that Jeana suggested. However, on Thursday at the UW, I felt the tweak coming back, but kept moving and faught it off successfully. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough and we lost by a point. Friday, I came down hard from attempting to catch a disc and landed on my right heel, bruising it. I was able to finish out the game, but it was sore and it got worse later in the day. Saturday, it was feeling better – I couldn’t run full tilt, but I hobbled around very well, considering. It is now feeling quite better, and I look forward to another game Monday at noon.

Left Side Menu

I finally got down to it and moved the menu to the left side. It was a gradual process actually, but I think I finally did it in a good manner. Bernie’s comment on my last post on this subject led me to believe that I was indeed attempting the right solution when I was using float: left; in my CSS file, but that I had simply overlooked something. After some careful bookkeeping, I discovered the problem, and went on to make the index file more robust while I was at it. So now the menu is happily on the left, and I think it looks pretty good over there if I could say so myself. Thanks, Bernie!

Primer Part IV

Talking to Angela about the movie Primer recently got me to want to watch it again. I read up a bit on the Primer website, and discovered a few things to watch out for when I watched it again. I also learned that as Dan thought, the movie title was originally supposed to be pronounced like I would expect “primmer” to be pronouced, where it has the meaning of an introuctory textbook. However, after the movie was released, many people (such as myself) called it Primer, like the first coat of paint, and both pronounciations now seem to be used.

So I watched it tonight with my brother, who is visiting from Utah to prepare his leftover things here before he gets married (congratlations!). Since I also read a lot about the different theories of what parts of the movie mean, I think that I understand even more of the movie now – although, I want to watch it again, again…

Room for the Future

I recently added an old 30gb 5400 rpm drive to sf2, giving me room to upload many of my photographs. This allows two important possibilities straight off – first, it is a good way to back up my several gigabytes of pictures. Second, it provides a more accessible, nicer interface with which to view these pictures than does Windows.

If you want to take a peek, head to the Gallery.

CSS woes

If web standards really are all they are cracked up to be, then why is it that only Internet Explorer does what I expect when I try to adjust the layout of this site? Why will I have to spend frustrated hours reading through examples to get the menu on the left? What am I missing about positioning?