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Becoming a Photographer Again

It has been a good long since I took a trip just for photography. Today, that changed. After school, I took a stroll in the beautiful weather to Greenlake — about a mile away — and took some pictures of the scenery and wildlife in the brilliant afternoon sun. The last few days have also been photographically fruitful — as evidenced by the Heron pictures last week and a few more that I will share here. Finally, last night, I purchased some long-overdue accessories: UV filters for my 75-300 zoom and my new 10-22 zoom, and a new bag that can fit everything at once in a nice compartmentalized way. Finally, I picked up my first circular polarizer and have been pleased. It is nice to get back into the mode of thinking in pictures.

SR-520 and Bellevue

Duck Friends

Mallard Close-Up

Gull in Flight

Great Blue Heron

Dishwasher Pictures!

Me leaning over the beast

Bobby takes a turn

Liquid Plumbr meets Dishwasher

Warning the Roommates


A Japanese Maple

On a day like today, who could ever want to leave? Not I!

Camera Rhyme

I’ve had some time to think
So now I’ll put it in “ink”
Canon’s 40D
is the camera for me.

Mt. Si — June 2007

On Saturday, in lieu of a using the beautiful day to play Frisbee, I was invited on another hike. Since Sunday’s Mariner’s game plans crapped all over my Sunday (mega)hike plans with Danielle & co, I decided to go on Saturday instead. Sure, I ended up hiking Mt. Si again, but this tiem the weather was great and some good pictures were had. The company was good too; Whitney from church brought her friend (CRAP I can’t remember her name). They were fun to hike with.

We made it to the top of the haystack this time and I took some pictures.

More hiking please!

May 2007 Photos Up

Including ROV competition snapshots… Visit the May 2007 gallery for more.